At PRC Tuning we specialise in tuning not only the German car market, VAG (Vdubs) BMW & Merc which we are so well known, the PRC Tuning mission is to offer the best tuning solutions for any ECU controlled combustion engine, Car, Bike, Boat, Truck, Tractor etc, and although these are being phased out by electric, we believe the future lies with bio fuels, which require the same perfection in the science of car tuning and remapping software we have achieved with petrol and diesel cars over the past two decades, A substantial amount of petrol & diesel cars we can convert to biofuels simply with our expert software.

Our Ecu remapping and car tuning services are available anywhere in the UK and EU.

When you see a PRC Tuning authorised dealer you know it’s a brand you can trust, we don’t leave anything to chance, All remap development is on the Race Track and through our state of the art Dyno (dynamometer) cells, backed up by our team of software & motorsport engineers. As you will have seen, the numbers speak for themselves, few tuning companies even come close.

Above all, we strive to deliver nothing short of exceptional customer care and support.
Our centres strive to “Trading Standards Approved Code”